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Ready For Rescue Challenge Winner!

Phase 1 Winner

Today [Nov 15 2018] we announced the U.S. Coast Guard Phase I winners: 5 bold visions of boater safety solutions that have the potential to improve the chances of a successful rescue. We received submissions harnessing technologies such as smart watches, LED lights, thermal heating devices, and fluorescent gels, as well as re-designed consumer products such as phone cases.

Personal Flotation Devices equipped with Infrared and Radar Beacons (Pallas LLC): A $1 lifejacket patch equipped with a long-range radio-frequency ID tag for easy detection by search radars. The patch material glows brightly so search and rescue helicopters with infrared sensors can detect a person during the day and at night.

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Pallas LLC strives to improve defense readiness, environmental protection, emergency response and management, law enforcement, and search and rescue capabilities of governments and NGOs using innovative new technology and novel uses of existing technology; driving scientific and technological innovation in service of humanity.

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Data Science

Data-science driven emergency response/preparedness

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Novel Remote Sensing technology and applications

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Geospatial Intelligence for Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Environmental Protection, and National Defense.

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Quantum informations systems (QIS), energy solutions, nanophotonics/optical metamaterials

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Research in carbon neutral, economically viable farming for the future

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Cutting edge survival systems

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